Getting Better at FPV Freestyle

There are two kinds of people in the world of FPV: those who fly miniquads, and those who don’t. Among those of us who fly miniquads, there are again two kinds of people: those who primarily race, and those who mostly freestyle (like me). I’m sure you could keep zooming into subcultures forever, as XKCD once put it:

I’ll stop at this level, and define what I mean by freestyle for the purpose of this post. My interpretation of freestyle is to fly in a way that generates a pleasant HD video experience (either as the product, or as a side effect). To me, the only way I can enjoy someone else’s freestyle is by watching their footage. Obviously many will disagree, and that’s fine. This is about getting better at the thing I just defined, call it what you may.

I’ve been trying to improve at this for the past few months, and I believe it’s working. Here are some of the things I did and still do:

  • Record every single flight of mine with an HD camera whenever possible. This is because the only way I have to analyze my flights is by watching them on the screen, sometimes over and over. I see things that I missed when flying all the time, or moves that seemed graceful at the time but look awkward on video.
  • Watch as much flight footage as possible, immediately after a flying session. While the flights are still fresh in my memory, I want to learn from them. Did I repeat myself too much? Could I have tried something different? Did something not go the way I wanted it? Why?
  • Practice the same move over and over for the duration of a pack. For example, a few months ago I had a hard time performing powerloops consistently. This type of practice helped me quite a bit.
  • Analyze videos that I like. What makes them interesting? Are there tricks or moves I could not do? Do I understand how they are performed?

What works for you? Let me know in the comments, or in my Youtube channel.




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