How to log gps coordinates on the Taranis

[This post is a work in progress, feedback welcome].

In a previous post I discussed how to set up GPS with Betaflight 3.2. If you don’t have telemetry, you have to rely on DVR to locate a lost quad. However, if you have telemetry working on Betaflight you can take full advantage of gps. You can log gps data on the Taranis, have your current location on your telemetry screen (extremely useful for finding a downed quad) and even plot your flights on Google Earth! Here’s how.

If you’re using TBS Crossfire (recommended): First, make sure you connect your Crossfire receiver to the flight controller using CRSF and not SBUS. CRSF is a bidirectional protocol, and includes telemetry. I’m using the Crossfire Micro RX v2. If you already use CRSF, skip to “Discovering sensors.”

[Note: I tested this under firware version 2.0.6, had to revert from 2.0.7 because it didn’t work. Also, I tested this with BF 3.2 rc5 and rc6 only].

How to connect CRSF: you will need to connect your micro rx to the controller like this: gnd and 5v, channel 1 to a uart rx and channel 2 to a uart tx. If you’re connecting ch1 to the sbus uart, make sure you go to the Betaflight command line and type

set sbus_inversion=OFF

On your Crossfire transmitter go to the receiver configuration menu -> Output Map. Set CH1 to CRSF RX. CH2 will automatically switch to CRSF TX:

Go to Betaflight configurator and enable Telemetry under features. Under serial protocol, enable CRSF. Make sure the proper uart is set in ports.

If you can control your quad with CRSF, you are almost there. Next thing set up telemetry.

Discovering sensors

Plug in your quad and go to the Taranis telemetry page. Select the “Discover new sensors” option and wait a few seconds. You should see several new sensor appear on the sensor list. Here comes a surprise: flip your Taranis and look at the Crossfire screen (assuming you have the full size Crossfire). You’ll see something like this:

[if your gps is not locked to the satellites the coordinates will be 0, but at least you’ll know it works].

If you’re using Frsky with Telemetry: all you have to do is discover new sensors (see Discovering sensors in the Crossfire section above).

Enabling black box logging on the Taranis. Here’s a short video than explains it well:

Next up: Plotting flights on Google Earth.




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